If you don’t know already SQL (structured query language) is used query and edit databases. This is useful in GIS, as databases underpin all the data that we work with. In my previous job, database management was a key role of the GIS department. So it is high up on the list of skills I plan to master in the near future to make me useful and employable in the GIS industry.


I stumbled across an article explaining why SQL is useful non-techie marketers as well as the devs that use it to a high level. https://www.udemy.com/blog/learn-sql/  It mirrors my attitude that learning little bits of coding can be useful and relatively easy. I have done the same thing with Visual Basic for excel macros, KML for google maps/earth customisation and HTML for web design. It just gives you the control to do things exactly how you want instead of relying on software.

ArcGIS uses SQL in the field calculator and select functions. MapInfo has a function more explicitly called “SQL Query”. I use these features everyday, letting the software help with the syntax and rarely doing anything complicated. Except on the odd occasion I google around for a more complex statement. A recent example being a method of capitalising the first letter of every entry in a column.

Currently I am working through the video tutorials linked from the above article. Seems like an easy way to start. Maybe I will supplement my learning with a proper course once I have basic to intermediate stuff sussed out.